A Serious Health Struggle Made Him a Believer in Exercise

A Serious Health Struggle Made Him a Believer in Exercise

Jeff and Julie Leonard enjoy staying active together.

It took cancer to change Jeff Leonard’s mind about exercising.

Before he was diagnosed in early 2018 at age 57, Jeff was always an athlete who enjoyed team sports. But working out just to work out? That was not for him.

Now, after a year of small group training at Evolution Fitness & Wellness, Jeff believes his exercise routine has helped him bounce back from grueling chemotherapy and radiation, and even a more recent surgery.

“It has been a tremendous help,” says Jeff, of Houston, who has regained much of the muscle mass and 60 pounds he lost during and after his cancer treatments.

Jeff grew up playing football and lacrosse, and then entered the Air Force. But over the last 20 years or so, he had fallen out of shape and gained weight, although he had kept up his golf game.

After his treatments finally ended last year, when he could finally eat real food again, Jeff raced to the driving range the next day, so excited to get back to it.

“But it felt like I was swinging a 100-pound weight with spaghetti noodles,” he says. “That gave me an idea of how much strength I had lost.”

At Evolution, trainers told Jeff he could challenge himself as he felt like each day. And as his strength has come back, he’s been able to push himself more and more.

“We’re essentially supervised the whole time, and they’re correcting our form when we need it,” he says. “It truly is private and personal, even with other people there.”

After a recent follow-up medical procedure, Jeff’s first stop was Evolution. He wanted to give an update, say thank you – and let them know he plans to be back in the gym in no time.