I’ve been working out with Jackie since October 2016. I’m hooked. When I started with her 28-Day Challenge my goal was to lose 5lbs and try to get into better shape. I lost the weight and have gotten stronger. My balance is getting better and I feel better overall.

—MARY B., 68

I love my workouts at EFW. It’s been almost 7 months and I can see such an improvement in my strength and balance. Jackie motivates me to do more than I think I am capable of. Aside from that, she is a genuinely caring person. So very glad I happened to stop in there that first day I saw the place. A hidden gem in the Copperfield area!


I’ve been training with Jackie for over a year. She is awesome and is always changing things up! It’s never boring! Jackie understands training as we age. We are all aging so this is important!! She has me doing things I never would have thought to do to improve my balance, including working on my “mind/muscle” connection.

—LIBBY, 57

Between my scoliosis and both hips needing replacement, I was a mess a year ago. I walked as little as possible and was in extreme pain most of the time. My rehabilitation after my first hip replacement was slow until I met Jackie and began a 3x per week workout program. I not only gained strength and mobility after my 1st surgery, but was in much better shape when I had my 2nd hip replaced only 4 months later.

While the pain subsided some after my first hip replacement, I still had issues with walking, couldn’t get out of a chair without using my hands to help, and my family and friends were always protecting me, fearing that I was a fall risk. Because I definitely was. Jackie immediately identified my weaknesses and implemented a plan that got me stronger. I started to realize the possibilities. Jackie continues to push me to do things I didn’t think I’d ever do. I am so excited to finally feel stronger and now I’m focused on really getting in shape.
—SUSAN, 65

I have been working with Jackie since November 2016 with my fitness training. I am amazed at all that she has done for me in helping me reach the goals we established when I started training with her. She has changed my life and has given me the confidence and motivation to stay with my exercise program and make it a normal routine for me. She helped me with a 30-day diet plan that I implemented. As a result I have lost 21 pounds and have been able to maintain the weight loss with a continued exercise and training plan as well as making better choices for my food intake.

Her workouts are always different as she changes up the exercises from session to session so it never gets boring. In addition, one of my goals was to improve my golf game and help increase my distance. I can honestly say she has made a very positive impact on my golf game and I have consistently been able to add thirty yards to my drives. I can now out drive my playing partners who consistently use to outdrive me by 10 to 20 yards on every tee shot. Jackie has gone the extra mile to research and learn about the golf swing to design a fitness program and regiment to strengthen my core, shoulder and hips to gain more flexibility and allow me to increase my swing speed and my distance on my golf shots.
I would highly recommend Jackie for your fitness training, as she is very motivating, a great coach and more importantly has become a good friend in the process. You cannot go wrong in selecting Jackie and she can help you reach and exceed your fitness goals.
—ROY, 58