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Evolution Fitness & Wellness, located in the Copperfield area of NW Houston, is here to help you achieve the goals you have made for yourself. “EFW opened in February 2016 and caters to men and women who are put off by a typical health club and are searching for a smaller, more personalized gym experience.

The goal of EFW is to help clients prevent, reverse, or at least control diseases that are prevalent today. When we eat healthy, whole foods and combine it with regular exercise, we can literally reverse and even stop illness such as heart-disease and diabetes, and ease the discomfort often associated with arthritis and other joint pain. The problem for most people is keeping themselves accountable, but also because there is SO much information out there, I find my clients are often overwhelmed and confused. I’m here to help with all of that.

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Rollga brand foam roller is the only cross-directional foam roller for reversing pain caused from shin splints.  Rollga also stabilizes our hips, aligns your back, and increases range of motion in your joints.  The Rollga foam roller is ideal for self-myofascial release, restoration of movement, and muscle recovery.  By providing cross-directional forces, the Rollga foam roller is designed and contoured to fit the body and reach trigger points that are difficult to reach with traditional rollers.

The Rollga foam roller along with the Rollga Hand/Foot Therapy Kit are used exclusively in the Rx Stretch class offered at EFW.

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Jeff and Julie Leonard enjoy staying active together.


A Serious Health Struggle Made Him a Believer in Exercise

It took cancer to change Jeff Leonard’s mind about exercising.

Before he was diagnosed in early 2018 at age 57, Jeff was always an athlete who enjoyed team sports. But working out just to work out? That was not for him.

Now, after a year of small group training at Evolution Fitness & Wellness, Jeff believes his exercise routine has helped him bounce back from grueling chemotherapy and radiation, and even a more recent surgery.