Hello, I’m like many of YOU! I’m a wife, mom of three sons, grandmother, career builder, and caregiver. And, if you follow the Zodiac, I’m a Cancer and pretty true to description, meaning I’m a caregiver by nature.

I’ve spent years taking care of my family, my job, and my friends BUT not very much of that time taking care of me. In fact, I put myself last a LOT. Sound familiar?

I really decided at the age of about 46 that I needed to make a change for myself. I was very dedicated to a corporate job in higher education. I spent more time at my job than at home and after 16 years of 12-14 hour days, and frequent six-day working weeks; I knew that if I didn’t make some serious changes I would certainly be compromising my health and would be hard-pressed to enjoy the second half of my life in the manner that I wanted.

I woke up with a pot of coffee before 6 a.m., probably downed three or four Venti coffees throughout the day, and sometimes would wind down at bedtime with a glass of wine or some type of sleep aid. SCREECH!

It doesn’t take long for those activities to wear the body out. I really had no idea that all the stimulants I was consuming were really wrecking my sleep. I didn’t understand that sleep is vital to the body’s ability to rest and repair. I just knew I was tired, fat, and somewhat depressed.

One Saturday after a happy hour visit with a girlfriend I pulled into a big box gym that was on my path home. My sons had been urging me to join a gym so I mustered up my courage and jumped into the pool with both feet! I went all in and paid for an entire year membership upfront as well as a year of personal training. I drudged to the gym three nights a week after some brutal days at work. It was painful and not very enjoyable. The weeks wore on and I bounced from trainer to trainer for months. To make a long story short and for various reasons, I went through 8 trainers in under 12 months before I met “THE ONE”.

I call “THE ONE” Superman, because to me he is just that. He is my dear friend, mentor, and MY personal trainer to this day. He changed my life’s trajectory from a corporate job that was wearing me down to reinventing myself in this amazingly rewarding world of fitness. Ross, aka Superman, taught me how to work out as a 40+ woman. He helped me see that growing older didn’t mean I couldn’t still be strong, and fit. Under his coaching, I flourished and became very passionate about fitness. As I improved my physical condition I started to make dietary changes. I cut back on coffee substantially and started eating clean. My sleep improved, my mood improved, and I felt amazing. I also found that through fitness I could help people. Taking care of them in a different way from before. Helping them understand how they can remain strong, healthy, and independent for life.

In January 2014 I took a big leap and left my 16-year job to return to Grad School. After four short weeks in grad school, I decided I didn’t have enough to do so I started looking into becoming a personal trainer. It didn’t take me too long to find clients and pretty soon I was driving all over Houston training people in drive-ways, parks, living rooms and so on. At the same time, I was offered a part-time gig at another fitness studio that focused on a mature population. The following year I was searching for space of my own. In November of 2015 I found space and took the plunge. I opened the doors to Evolution Fitness & Wellness I opened February 2016 with a handful of clients.

Get positive influencers around you.

Tell them your goals and make them your cheerleaders!

Get positive influencers around you. Tell them your goals and make them your cheerleaders!

In April 2016 I found the Functional Aging Institute and after attending their Summit in June of that year I knew my choice to help the 50 and better population was absolutely the right choice. Why? Because every week I find clients like Deborah who said

“My mom’s side of the family has the longevity gene. My grandmother, aunt, and uncle all lived well into their 90’s. I definitely see the chance for me to also live well into 90 or possibly 100. I don’t want to live life as they did at that age. In my mind, I still think I’m in my 30’s, but sometimes my body reminds me that I’m in my 60’s. I want to get strong, stay active, and get up and down off the floor with my grandchildren easily. I’m not headed to the rocking chair. For me, this is about staying strong, flexible, and as pain-free as possible. And if I happen to lose some weight as a by-product of this work, I’ll take that too!”

Yes! This is my passion and my purpose! Today I am very happy to serve a fantastic community of men and women in Houston. My message is that no matter what age you begin your fitness journey you can and will benefit from a regular routine of exercise and healthy eating!

It is vitally important for you to know that strength training, as you age will help you live “Stronger Longer”.

Evolution Fitness & Wellness

We specialize in fitness and wellness for active aging adults over 45.