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From Client to Coach: Welcome Jeff

July 26, 20232 min read

Back in August of 2017 I met Julie. She walked in and told me that she was recovering from hip replacement surgery and that while she was out walking, someone randomly pulled over and shared information about Evolution Fitness & Wellness. Julie joined us and began workouts.

In June of 2018 Julie introduced her husband Jeff to EFW. His story is pretty awesome.

Jeff grew up playing football and lacrosse and then entered the Air Force. But over the last 20 years or so, he had fallen out of shape and gained weight, although he had kept up his golf game.

But a run with cancer caused Jeff to lose muscle mass and 60 pounds during and after his cancer treatments.

When Jeff's treatments ended and he could finally eat real food, Jeff raced to the driving range excited to get back to his golf game. Not such an easy task. Jeff says, "it felt like I was swinging at a 100-pound weight with spaghetti noodles. That gave me an idea of how much strength I had lost."

When Jeff joined the small group sessions at EFW, the trainers told Jeff he could challenge himself as he felt he could each day. And as his strength returned, he pushed himself more and more. He has been a dedicated 3-4x per week member of our small group personal training ever since.

In March of this year, EFW held In-Service for the coaching staff. Jeff joined us for partner training. His partner being my 36-year old son Garrett. In Garrett's words, "Jeff killed it and I had to work hard to stay with him. He's a beast!"

With that little background story, I'm super excited to announce that the "beast" has joined the coaching staff at EFW.

I believe that the most amazing coaches are those who have developed through their own personal experiences exercising.

We'd like to invite you to join sessions with Coach Jeff:

Monday's: 7:15am Hybrid or 8:15am In-Studio or Thursday's at 6:15am In-Studio or 7:15am Hybrid.

Are you ready to improve your golf game and/or your life game?

Jackie 🔥

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