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What My Week in Cozumel Taught Me - Part IV

August 23, 20233 min read

Here we are; the last email in the series of Lessons Learned in Cozumel - Part 4.

I promised you I would end my series with information on how you can get ready for traveling.....and honestly, living well.

The body was meant to be in motion. The truth is that from kids to older adults we have gotten very sedentary and it's leading to lots and lots of health issues.

But being sedentary as we age can also put us at risk for more serious injuries and life-altering falls.

So whether you are 30 or 90+ it's time to take action. Especially if there are activities you want to be a part of. Playing with your kiddos and grandkids, traveling alone or generationally, or just living your very best life.

Here are my top tips for improving your physical self for travel and life:

1.1. Strength Exercises:

  • Squats: Strengthens the all the muscles of the legs. Everyone can perform squats. When performed correctly they actually can improve your knees!

  • Lunges: Work on the big muscles of the legs known as quads and hamstrings. When lunging forward, reverse, and side to side you strengthen all the leg muscles including the inner thigh muscles. Dynamic balance, agility, and flexibility improves.

  • Heel Raises: Targets the calf muscles which you use in walking.

  • Bridges: This go to favorite of physical therapists is awesome for improving tushy strength as well as back strength. Bridges are a super exercise for everyone and performing them daily will yield big results.

  • Hinges: In my opinion, hinges are the holy grail of aging well and without chronic pain. This awesome movement pattern strengthens the back; butt, and back of the legs.

  • Resistance Band Pulls & Pushes: upper body work doesn't have to be limited to boring bicep curls. Resistance bands add variety and dimension to strength training. And, virtually everyone can use bands. They're also easy to travel with so you never have to worry about missing your exercise routine.

1.2. Flexibility & Mobility

  • I cannot say enough about the importance of daily release and stretching. You don't have to spend a lot of time daily. And there are lots of options including yoga, tai chi, and my release and recovery class to name a few.

1.3. Balance & Stability

  • Gait Work: Aging has an impact on gait work so it is something to work on daily. Exaggerated steps. Steps over objects. Wide steps like you're walking over a row of bushes. And then changing your cadence, stopping on a dime and then taking off quickly are all ways to improve gait.

  • Core Work: Planks, Dead Bugs, Bridges, Split Leg Stance while using bands to push and pull are ways to strengthen your core. Adding work from a stability ball also challenges core stability. This type of work improves upper back and arm strength along with kicking up the core.

I leave you today with this: Every journey starts with a single step. Don't let the ageist mindset prevent you from enjoying all that life has to offer no matter your age. Take your first step to better by starting today. You will thank yourself today, tomorrow, and for days and days to come.

I'm here for you!



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